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Lobbying and Advocacy

The programme aims at keeping ECD issues on the agenda of government, donors and the community at large. The objective of the programme is to maintain involvement with ECD policy development processes to ensure that South African children have access to quality ECD services. 

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Education, Training and Development

Further Educational and Training Certificate

         (Level 4) 140 Credits

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This programme raises concerns in the ECD sector by meeting with relevant stakeholders and organising peaceful demonstrations and annual rallies. It also celebrates gains achieved by the sector by calling mass meetings and distributing information.


ECD Centre Development Programme

This programme is a holistic approach to meeting the needs of children aged birth to six years as it involves parents, community members, children support groups and providers.  This community driven approach ensures that the local community and parents take ownership in developing their own children.  It also provides monitoring processes to show that all parties are accountable and includes: 

-Training of governing committees and parents

-Training of Administrators

-Training of ECD Practitioners

-Training of Cooks

-Training of General Workers

-Provision of Educational Equipment for indoors and outdoors

-Assisting ECD Centres to register as a Not for Profit Organisation and a Partial Care Centre

-Developing Financial and Human Resources Policy


Skills Development Workshops

Committee and Leadership

Financial Management
 Legalities and Compliance  
Partial Care Registration
National Curriculum Framework (NCF)
Introduction to ECD / Toddlers and babies
Human Resource Management
 Computer Literacy
Establishing Food Gardens
Food Hygiene and Nutrition
Health and Safety and First Aid

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South African ECD Awards

The ECD Awards acknowledge and recognise the valuable work that is done by ECD Practitioners, ECD Centres, ECD Trainers and ECD Publicists. The programme is co-ordinated by a National Steering Committe comprising the SA Congress for ECD, National Development Agency, Department of Basic Education, Department of Social Development, UNICEF, Department of Health and Department of Sports and Recreation.


ECD Workers Provident Fund

ECD Provident Fund

Funeral Scheme